In a goofy world…

Direct from Surfer’s Journal :

Why are all the world’s great left points in warm, tropical locales, while seemingly all the right points are always cold? Case in point, goofy footers get Desert Island. In terms of quality, set-up, and scenery, it’s about as flawless a wave as you’re going to find anywhere in the world. And sure, regular footers get the splendor of J-Bay and Rincon, but really, who wants to spend their life wearing a wetsuit. Oh, the joys of being a little goofy. Photo: Jason Reposar

Well, well, well. Now it sounds clear to me : a gooffy guy like me should live in tropical water. Hmmmm, we’ll see later, because now Totor and me are heading North Médoc to jump into a cold cold water…


Une Réponse to “In a goofy world…”

  1. Bah écoute, on n’avait pas la chaleur tropicale, ni des vagues de classe mondiale, mais on n’a quand même pas fait la route pour rien… et il y avait surtout des gauches, chanceux…
    Par charité chrétienne, je ne dirai rien sur le vent qu’on a pris aujourd’hui, par contre…
    Les jours passent et ne se ressemblent guère…

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